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Dimensional Sign - Before

Before Makeover

Most people don’t realize that over 90% of all signs are interior. Exterior signs are generally designed to attract attention, where interior signs are desined more for selling something. Example would be a point of sale or POS signage. Look at McDonald’s Golden Arches on a pylon along the highway, to grab your attention while driving along. Once inside, here comes the Menu Board, Dynamic Message Center with all the coffee choices and of course the color pictures of food that you just can’t resist.

Another role of interior signs are to present an image, or maybe quality, service, your brand, environment and even your culture. Businesses evolve over time, resulting in signage becoming obsolete or even dated in design, color or construction.  In the before picture above, the colors and lobby sign were totally acceptable when it was designed and installed a few years back. But like every thing from clothing to cars, unless it’s a classic, it will become out dated.

Financial One Credit Union, recently went through a complete makeover of their Columbia Heights MN location. Colors, tiles, carpet were all redone into a warmer more inviting environment. Soon after the initial renovations took place, it was obvious the old crown jewel of a lobby sign was in need of a complete makeover.

The “After” picture below was the end result. Individual Dimensional Letters were routed in brushed gold finish, mounted to the wall with studs. Each letter was individually mounted and spaced off the wall 1/2″ for added depth and character. The end result was dramatic, bold and refreshing. Signs are not forever and do need to be changed, before your customer recognizes your signs need to be changed. Call us now to review all the cool new options.

Dimensional Letters - Lobby Signs

Lobby Sign – After


There are people who believe exterior signs cease to exist once winter sets in and the nights are long and dark. If you can find someone crazy enough to work outside in freezing temperatures, what can you do when it’s so cold that vinyl won’t stick to itself. If you are one of the unfortunate persons, believing signs are not a poriority in the winter, do you also believe people don’t buy products and services from November through March? Other than Christmas if you are a retailer.

During the cold weather months, it is even more critical to capture the attention of those potential customers and clients, locked into their warm cars, buses and cummuter trains. Those lighted signs, LED Message Centers, Window Signage,needs to be fresh, bright and attention grabbing. This does not mean you have to offer sale prices so low they cannot resist. Focus on driving that impulse motive, to irrestable levels. Only then will they exit a safe and warm environment, to explore what you have to offer.

During the cold season, become more creative in your signage. Don’t withdrawal, step it up to bring traffic to your doorstep. There are many new materials available, allowing vinyl to be applied in temperatures as low as 25 degrees. Signfaces and Pylon Sign Inserts can be removed and brought inside for repairing and processing. Vehicles would be brought indoors, so nothing really changes there. Fleet Vehicles can be rotated in to minimize downtime.

In gthe winter months, get creative and aggressive in your advertising and marketing activities. Exterior Signs don’t care how cold it is outside, they work 24 hours, 7 days a week and keep working even if they get a cold. Contact the professional staff at Pillar Signs and Graphics, can help assess your current signage and help maximize your impact and minimize your investment.

Sign regulations are continually being reviewed and adjusted, to help assure businesses keep their city clean, professional and safe. This does create some challenges for those businesses who have to rely on short term signage, where long term sign space is not available. Your location does not have Pylon or Monument Signs space available, or you may not be able to install Building Signage to advertise your business and it’s services.

Fear not, there are other options available to advertise your business, with Fleet Graphics or Vehicle Graphics. Here is an option that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that does not require a Sign Permit and one of the most cost effective advertising methods available today.

Any sign can blend into the background for communters after a few weeks, unless something changes. Image, lighting, message, something has to change. With Vehicle Graphics, all you have to do is change where or how you park you car each day. Back it in, park at an angle, or across the street. These simple changes will attract attention, which drives activity, feeding the impulse to to investigate and buy your products or services.