Quality Products for Quality Vehicle Graphics

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Exterior Signs, Sign Education, Vehicle or Fleet Graphics
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We all know there are benefits to quality, be it vehicles, clothing and even a good steak. ever hear of someone saying, “That was the best tough steak I have ever had.” Not likely!

The same is true with quality products for signs and graphics. So why should you choose higher quality products or something that will just work or do the job? Surely if you are talking short term signage, something going in field for a few months, lower cost is a key element to sign design, sign manufacturing and installation.

Photo of Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Vehicle

Steal Attention with no City Permit fees

Here are some good reasons to use quality vehicle graphics:

  • Installation of vehicle graphics with the right products takes about half the labor time as lower quality products. Why? The higher quality product was designed and make for the job, where the lower quality materials were produced to lure marketshare on price alone.
  • The vinyl products generally look better, with higher image reproduciton, clarity and move vivid colors for that vehicle wrap or graphics.
  • Consider less bubbling, less ripping, less, less, less. Plus the finished product just looks better. Almost as if it was painted and was there from day one, not at addition.
  • Then there is the removal process. It is very common for vehicle Wrap removal costs to exceed the original application cost, simply because the original installer used poor quality materials.
  • Quality wrap materials result in less chance of paint damage during removal process. Adhesive is easier to work with, should you need to change a phone number or other detail. Plus with little or no residue after removal, you can sell that old vehicle with original paint that looks almost factory fresh.

Even the best materials are worthless, if not properly installed by a skilled technician. Many times people want an older vehicle covered with graphics, to freshen the looks or delay the purchase of a new vehicle or trailer. Loose paint, road grime and even rust are a challenge, especially in some of the colder climates. Graphics need a solid and clean surface to adhere to, for long graphic life and quality performance.

Vehicle Graphics are an incredible advertising and marketing tool. Be sure to look at the total Return On Investment. The lower cost materials and installations are not always the best buy. Do your homework and if you have more questions, please contact one of our team members at Pillar Signs and Graphics.

There is another side of vehicle graphics, not involving any printing or actual graphics. Accent stripes and color wrapping, with all the cool new brushed or graphite looks. Personalize on a budget and drive away with custom one off results.


Drive Safely!

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