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The Sign Industry has been looking at the ability to use white and metallic inks for many years. Not until recently, has the equipment technology and ink chemistry started to catch up. Offset printing has used white ink for many years, but has not been the focus for the Sign Industry.

The Digital Sign Industry has used white medias or substrates to overcome the inability to print with white ink. White ink allows printing on a colored substrate, which normally will bleed through images and change the final colors. Not a good idea! The cost of white ink can be three times that of the other CMYK colors.

Then there are the Metallic Inks, just starting to surface in the Sign Industry. Metallic ink requires specialized printing equipment and again the cost is very high. Add to this, metallic ink slows the printing process by 85%, reducing output and adding cost.

White and Metallic Inks are now available for the Digital Printing Industry. Are they viable options at this point considering the added cost verses the benefit? The interest is there for some very specific application projects, but the additional costs are difficult to justify for many applications. That will change in the next couple years as technology and demand help reduce costs. Until then, be patient and create with proven alternatives.

Did you know that we can print to specialized metallic vinyl substrates? Faster turn around and more cost effective.

Of course a website is not always a primary requirement for every business. This can depend on your products and services you offer, including your Target Markets, demographics and other key Marketing or strategic factors. As for Pillar Signs and Graphics Inc. our business is very visual and driven by emotion and impulse.

Being a visual and graphics based company, a quality website with cool and colorful graphics is very important. Potential clients need to see examples of projects, to help make that decision to make that initial contact. After which may come a showroom visit or an in person visit at their location to further solidify the project details.

Lets back up a second and look at how the website can help us. We support businesses and individuals for that matter, all over the lower 48 states and Canada for that matter. A quality website needs to attract our potential clients, based on pre-determined potential search options. These are known as keywords or phrases the web searcher is looking for, hopefully matching key words we have used and loaded into our website. Banners, Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Graphics, Window graphics are a few examples.

So what is the relevance and timing of this message? Pillar Signs has actually had a couple of website versions over the past couple years. They did the job, somewhat, but as the people and internet grows and develops, so must our website to keep pace. This also includes mobile devises from smart phones to iPad, so stay tuned we will talk on this capability at a later date.

So we are proud to announce that our new website has just gone live. It is really cool! Thanks to our new Webmaster Jeremy Anderson at Minneapolis Web Marketing. Check Jeremy out at to start you new technology journey.

Here is the website link:     Pillar Signs and Graphics Website

Happy Web Surfing!!!!

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As soon as a blogger publishes their first post, their first question is: Where’s all my traffic? Everyone assumes they’re the only one seeking attention, when in truth nearly everyone is. It takes time to build an audience and no one gets much traffic without putting in the effort.

Here at we want you to get more traffic, and we build features and services to help. It’s been awhile since we’ve told you about them, so here are our top recommendations:

  1. Update your About Page. One of the first things visitors to your site will want to know is something about who you are. If you don’t update your About page to include a short bio, and they find a generic page instead,  they’ll be disappointed. But if you briefly explain (two paragraphs is plenty) what the blog is about, and who you are, they’ll be more likely…

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Dimensional Sign - Before

Before Makeover

Most people don’t realize that over 90% of all signs are interior. Exterior signs are generally designed to attract attention, where interior signs are desined more for selling something. Example would be a point of sale or POS signage. Look at McDonald’s Golden Arches on a pylon along the highway, to grab your attention while driving along. Once inside, here comes the Menu Board, Dynamic Message Center with all the coffee choices and of course the color pictures of food that you just can’t resist.

Another role of interior signs are to present an image, or maybe quality, service, your brand, environment and even your culture. Businesses evolve over time, resulting in signage becoming obsolete or even dated in design, color or construction.  In the before picture above, the colors and lobby sign were totally acceptable when it was designed and installed a few years back. But like every thing from clothing to cars, unless it’s a classic, it will become out dated.

Financial One Credit Union, recently went through a complete makeover of their Columbia Heights MN location. Colors, tiles, carpet were all redone into a warmer more inviting environment. Soon after the initial renovations took place, it was obvious the old crown jewel of a lobby sign was in need of a complete makeover.

The “After” picture below was the end result. Individual Dimensional Letters were routed in brushed gold finish, mounted to the wall with studs. Each letter was individually mounted and spaced off the wall 1/2″ for added depth and character. The end result was dramatic, bold and refreshing. Signs are not forever and do need to be changed, before your customer recognizes your signs need to be changed. Call us now to review all the cool new options.

Dimensional Letters - Lobby Signs

Lobby Sign – After