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Printing Technology has progressed and evolved over the years, from type setting each letter for printing, to hand painting signs. Offset and Screen Printing have greatly increased efficiencies, helping reduce costs, but little improvement of set-up costs and image quality.

Welcome to the world of Digital Printing. the sign industry has advanced more and faster in the past 5 years, than in the past 25 years. So what are the primary benefits to Digital Printing?

  • No or very low set up costs.
  • Fast turn around capabilities. What took days or weeks can now be accomplished in hours if needed.
  • Amazing Colors.
  • Photo Quality Prints and Graphics.
  • Able to do small quantities, even stickers at affordable prices.

So what does this mean for you? Those cool and creative ideas you had in the past, can now become a reality. Technology allows us to print on over 300 substrates or materials and the costs are no longer a constraint as in the past. In fact in today’s business arena, you will be left standing alone if you don’t have the latest and greatest signage.

At Pillar Signs and Graphics, we can help take you to the leading edge of Digital Printing. Get Noticed!


There is something to be said for customers with exceptional artwork. And here it is…Wait for it…Wait for it… Wait for it…AMAZING!

But not everyone has the tools for the best artwork. And there comes the challenges for the sign companies or anyone in as industry where Vector and high-resolution artwork is needed for the best possible product.

Here are some of the best artwork tips that you can bring to the table:

  • High resolution photos (for photo printing) Dpi of 300 and dimensions of over 1000.
  • If you have an advertising company come up with your logo and concept, MAKE SURE to get your files in a vector format, the PMS colors (if used) You paid for your logo and the time it took to create it so make sure you get a copy. Demand the best quality from your designer. Period!
  • Vector artwork, even if it’s going to be printed is the ABSOLUTE best type of artwork to give to a sign maker, embroiders, etc. We work with lines and lines make everything crisp.

Pillar Signs and Graphics can help you create your logo. Our designer is fantastic!

Sign regulations are continually being reviewed and adjusted, to help assure businesses keep their city clean, professional and safe. This does create some challenges for those businesses who have to rely on short term signage, where long term sign space is not available. Your location does not have Pylon or Monument Signs space available, or you may not be able to install Building Signage to advertise your business and it’s services.

Fear not, there are other options available to advertise your business, with Fleet Graphics or Vehicle Graphics. Here is an option that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that does not require a Sign Permit and one of the most cost effective advertising methods available today.

Any sign can blend into the background for communters after a few weeks, unless something changes. Image, lighting, message, something has to change. With Vehicle Graphics, all you have to do is change where or how you park you car each day. Back it in, park at an angle, or across the street. These simple changes will attract attention, which drives activity, feeding the impulse to to investigate and buy your products or services.