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We all know there are benefits to quality, be it vehicles, clothing and even a good steak. ever hear of someone saying, “That was the best tough steak I have ever had.” Not likely!

The same is true with quality products for signs and graphics. So why should you choose higher quality products or something that will just work or do the job? Surely if you are talking short term signage, something going in field for a few months, lower cost is a key element to sign design, sign manufacturing and installation.

Photo of Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Vehicle

Steal Attention with no City Permit fees

Here are some good reasons to use quality vehicle graphics:

  • Installation of vehicle graphics with the right products takes about half the labor time as lower quality products. Why? The higher quality product was designed and make for the job, where the lower quality materials were produced to lure marketshare on price alone.
  • The vinyl products generally look better, with higher image reproduciton, clarity and move vivid colors for that vehicle wrap or graphics.
  • Consider less bubbling, less ripping, less, less, less. Plus the finished product just looks better. Almost as if it was painted and was there from day one, not at addition.
  • Then there is the removal process. It is very common for vehicle Wrap removal costs to exceed the original application cost, simply because the original installer used poor quality materials.
  • Quality wrap materials result in less chance of paint damage during removal process. Adhesive is easier to work with, should you need to change a phone number or other detail. Plus with little or no residue after removal, you can sell that old vehicle with original paint that looks almost factory fresh.

Even the best materials are worthless, if not properly installed by a skilled technician. Many times people want an older vehicle covered with graphics, to freshen the looks or delay the purchase of a new vehicle or trailer. Loose paint, road grime and even rust are a challenge, especially in some of the colder climates. Graphics need a solid and clean surface to adhere to, for long graphic life and quality performance.

Vehicle Graphics are an incredible advertising and marketing tool. Be sure to look at the total Return On Investment. The lower cost materials and installations are not always the best buy. Do your homework and if you have more questions, please contact one of our team members at Pillar Signs and Graphics.

There is another side of vehicle graphics, not involving any printing or actual graphics. Accent stripes and color wrapping, with all the cool new brushed or graphite looks. Personalize on a budget and drive away with custom one off results.


Drive Safely!

No one can predict with 100% accuracy, how long any vinyl graphics install/removal will take. There are many factors that go along with these processes. Assessment of the existing sign is probably the first step in gaining proper information to correctly price out a job. What materials have been used? What condition are the existing sign faces in? Can we re-use them? Where are the sign faces locate? Is there a need for a ladder, drilling, an electric lift, etc.?

We recently had a job that consisted of printed vinyl adhered to 3 outdoor sign faces and 3 interior signs. The original or old vinyl that was installed, was low quality and took about 4 hours with 4 people to to remove the old graphics from the sign faces. Point is, quality products lessen removal labor hands down, EVERY time. Had quality materials been used on this sign originally, the cost of removal labor could have been reduced by an easy 50%.

It is not uncommon for removal costs of vehicle graphics and general vinyl signage, to exceed the original installation cost. This is why many sign companies charge hourly for removal.

So when your sign company recommends a higher quality material, that generally comes with a higher cost, there is a good reason. Ask them to qualify the additional material cost and justify that cost. If they are a reputable company, this can be easily detailed in a dollars and cents answer besides, “It’s easier for us to install”. We all know that time is money when it comes to labor. Higher quality material comes at a higher cost, saving time during the installation and removal down the road someday.

Sometimes the lowest cost material is the best choice, especially for disposable signage. Match the signs to the application, to maximize results and manage ROI.

If you are in business or trying to make a statement about your ride, a custom Vehicle Wrap is hands down the best value. An average vehicle is viewed by 30,000 to over 60,000 people per day, depending on where you live and your driving habits.

Full-Vehicle Wraps have a price range of $2,000 to over $8,000, for a bus sized vehicle. So your first questions need to be. what am I trying to accomplish and what is my budget for the project? Here is the beauty of a Custom Design Company like Pillar Signs and Graphics. With your input, we can design a 3/4  wrap, 1/2 wrap or even a 1/4 wrap to fit your needs. This also allows you vehicle paint to become part of the background. This can allow your design to work with your budget, if you have a limited budget.

So there are many options from a full wrap to a phone number on your back door, window or tailgate. So the answer is No, you don’t need a full Vehicle Wrap, but you need to take advantage of the 30,000 potential customers that you see everyday!

Your vehicle is a very valuable piece of advertising real estate, don’t forget to take advantage of it.

There are people who believe exterior signs cease to exist once winter sets in and the nights are long and dark. If you can find someone crazy enough to work outside in freezing temperatures, what can you do when it’s so cold that vinyl won’t stick to itself. If you are one of the unfortunate persons, believing signs are not a poriority in the winter, do you also believe people don’t buy products and services from November through March? Other than Christmas if you are a retailer.

During the cold weather months, it is even more critical to capture the attention of those potential customers and clients, locked into their warm cars, buses and cummuter trains. Those lighted signs, LED Message Centers, Window Signage,needs to be fresh, bright and attention grabbing. This does not mean you have to offer sale prices so low they cannot resist. Focus on driving that impulse motive, to irrestable levels. Only then will they exit a safe and warm environment, to explore what you have to offer.

During the cold season, become more creative in your signage. Don’t withdrawal, step it up to bring traffic to your doorstep. There are many new materials available, allowing vinyl to be applied in temperatures as low as 25 degrees. Signfaces and Pylon Sign Inserts can be removed and brought inside for repairing and processing. Vehicles would be brought indoors, so nothing really changes there. Fleet Vehicles can be rotated in to minimize downtime.

In gthe winter months, get creative and aggressive in your advertising and marketing activities. Exterior Signs don’t care how cold it is outside, they work 24 hours, 7 days a week and keep working even if they get a cold. Contact the professional staff at Pillar Signs and Graphics, can help assess your current signage and help maximize your impact and minimize your investment.

Sign regulations are continually being reviewed and adjusted, to help assure businesses keep their city clean, professional and safe. This does create some challenges for those businesses who have to rely on short term signage, where long term sign space is not available. Your location does not have Pylon or Monument Signs space available, or you may not be able to install Building Signage to advertise your business and it’s services.

Fear not, there are other options available to advertise your business, with Fleet Graphics or Vehicle Graphics. Here is an option that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that does not require a Sign Permit and one of the most cost effective advertising methods available today.

Any sign can blend into the background for communters after a few weeks, unless something changes. Image, lighting, message, something has to change. With Vehicle Graphics, all you have to do is change where or how you park you car each day. Back it in, park at an angle, or across the street. These simple changes will attract attention, which drives activity, feeding the impulse to to investigate and buy your products or services.